moving like a forest fire...

There's always something to live for ...


Nota: es un gif animado algo pesado, sorry :(

She's moving like a forest fire
Leaving no path unscathed
Too young to be as jaded as I
But old enough to feel the strain
I hope that I can hold onto
The beauty that I'll never match
That never-ending open wound
That started from a single scratch

I want to save us from being saved
Before we get too old and waste away
Like some lovers destined to die young
And so through all the loss we've seen

Of friends who sit and think too much
Too fragile for the cold outside
Too proud to say what's on their minds
This is for the broken fools
Whose flames are gone before their time
And if you see me trip and fall
Save me from a swift decline

I want to sink beneath a drunken sea
Look into your eyes when you take the breath from me
There's always something to live for ...

Ed Harcourt- " Something to live for..." (strangers el disco)


2 comentarios

Lui -

jejejeeje..... q pesado el gif. linda canción.
mira q gif te he hecho en mi peich.

armando -

Esa inspiración que tienes para los encanta!(y siguen siendo perdidamente hipnóticos)